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Rivers, Weak Men and Wolves

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About Hunter

Hunter Letendre is an American author and entrepreneur, born and raised in New Hampshire. She is the author of the science-fiction thriller, Rivers, Weak Men and Wolves, holds a B.S in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of New Hampshire. She is a New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts REALTOR , Real Estate investor, and small business owner.

When not traveling, writing or starting new businesses, Letendre likes to indulge in a variety of author stereotypes. Such as living in New Hampshire, enjoying a glass of something strong, and hanging out with her cats.

Her literary debut, 'Rivers, Weak Men and Wolves,' marks the beginning of what promises to be a riveting journey through Letendre's unique blend of adventure, wit, and an exploration of life's darker undercurrents.

My Books
Paperback PDF Cover (v3 upload).png

Rivers, Weak Men and Wolves

My Books

"Hunter Letendre's debut novel marries all the right elements for an A+ end-of-the-world plot. There is suspense, flawed characters, mystery, and action ..."

J. E KLIMOV, Author, 

The Aeonian Series

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